Merry Meet and Welcome!

Merry Meet and Welcome!

We hope that you will find our content to be uplifting and educational. Please keep in mind that this is not a space for debate or criticism but rather a place for respect, curiosity and learning.

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December 27, 2010

Self Blessing

This ritual is adapted from the Self Blessing ritual found in Appendix II of Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler. The book states that it was written by Ed Fitch in the late 1960s, and designated to be an introductory ritual for those who are searching and investigating the Pagan path.

This ritual might be performed during the new moon, or at any other time that the practitioner feels a need for it. The book says that "there is real power in the Self Blessing; it should not be used other than in time of need and should not be done promiscuously. The purpose of this ritual is to bring the individual into closer contact with the Godhead. It can also be used as a minor dedication [of oneself]. This self blessing ritual may also be used [to] banish any evil [or negative] influences which may have formed around the person.
"The result of the ritual is a feeling of peace and calm. It is desirable that the participant bask in the afterglow so that he may meditate and understand that he has called the attention of the Godhead to himself, asking to grow closer to the Godhead in both goals and in wisdom."

The ritual should be done in a quiet place, without distractions. The book recommends doing it nude, but this seems optional. I think this could also be done between spouses, or parent-to-child.

You will need the following:
  • Salt, about one quarter teaspoon
  • Wine, about an ounce, mixed into water, about one-half ounce (you might substitute this with water, olive oil, or water with some essential oil in it)
  • Candle, votive or other
Sprinkle the salt on the floor and stand on it, lighting the candle. Let the warmth of the candle be absorbed into the body. Mix the water into the wine (or whichever anointing liquid you are using) while meditating upon your reasons for performing the self blessing.
Read the following aloud (or adapt it for your personal preferences):

Bless me, Father/Mother, for I am your child.
(Dip your fingers into the liquid and anoint the eyes)
Blessed be my eyes, that I may see your path.
(Anoint the nose)
Blessed be my nose, that I may breathe your essence.
(Anoint the mouth)
Blessed be my mouth that I may speak of you.
(Anoint the breast)
Blessed be my breast, that I may be faithful in my work.
(Anoint the loins)
Blessed be my loins, which bring forth the life of men and women as you have brought forth all creation.
(Anoint the feet)
Blessed be my feet, that I may walk in your ways.

Remain, and meditate for a while.


  1. This is beautiful and truly strikes a chord with me. Its pretty perfect that a New Moon is coming up, isn't it?

    I love the parallels to the temple ceremony but I don't see it inappropriate to ask for the same blessings outside the temple and we all need a bit more ritual in our rather ritual empty lives.

    I know in Ayurveda that self-massage is an important part of the healing, balancing process so I think the anointing referred to here could be less dabbing a bit of oil, but actually muscles to draw negative energy out and open the flow of positive energy as well. That may be really out there but I see that its an interesting parallel and might be more similar to the anointing of Christ's washing the apostles feet than what we are familiar with as anointing today.

  2. Oh, very interesting Jenne! Giving me some food for thought.

    Jenni, thanks for sharing this! I find it interesting that in the books on Paganism I have read along with what I have learned of Mormonism that this sort of self-blessing always looks so similar. That "eternal truth" thing again!

  3. One of my kiddos was having an especially rough evening today (lots of contention with his brothers and parents) so I got everybody else busy with stuff (I put on a movie LOL) and then I took that one son and we went into his bedroom and did a variation on this.

    We lit a candle, and talked for a minute about how we can ask for blessings anytime, we don't necessarily have to do it in a prayer format. Then I anointed/spoke for myself and he copied my actions and words for himself.

    Bless me Father, for I am your child.
    (temple) Bless my mind with clarity and focus
    (eyes) Bless my eyes to see the love of my family
    (ears) Bless my ears to hear the truth
    (nose) Bless my nose to breathe in peacefulness
    (mouth) Bless my mouth to speak gentleness
    (heart) Bless my heart with the strength to do righteous things
    (side) Bless my bowels to be filled with mercy
    (feet) Bless my feet to walk in your ways.

    It was very grounding and peaceful, and seemed to help him get centered and calm. :)


We hope that you will find our content to be uplifting and educational. Please keep in mind that this is not a space for debate or criticism but rather a place for respect, curiosity and learning.
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